multicast routing (was Re: [clug] Linux Router)

Duncan Bolt duncan.bolt at
Wed Jun 23 06:20:05 GMT 2004

I was wondering about two switches. One off the marconi for tv, and 
the other to share internet.

If it works, then I will stop fiddling with the router.

I can't remember the exact prices, but I saw XBoxes, at EB Belconnen 
at around $224 on the weekend. I suppose places like Big W will have 
them slightly cheaper ie $2 less so they can claim to be the cheapest.

>On Wed, 2004-06-23 at 11:46, Duncan Bolt wrote:
>>  Well has anyone got it to work ?
>Not with the multicast routing, and I'd like to.  It's working fine on
>the firewall itself.
>My 2c:
>Had a poke, and was depressed at the state of the documentation.  HOWTOs
>from 1999 say "to be continued" right when they get to the meaty parts
>It seems there are two daemons for the job - the non-free mrouted, and
>pimd.  I installed pimd (debian testing), and the conf file says it
>should "work" for all interfaces out of the box.  Sniffing all
>interfaces shows there are PIMv2 Hello packets being sent out.
>Didn't seem to help, though.  Nothing wanted to respond to the packets
>(if indeed it was meant to)
>So I gave mrouted a whirl.  Conf file looks very similar, but it
>detected and masked out ppp0 as an unsuitable i/f.  It was sending out
>DVMRP V3 probes (distance vector multicast routing protocol??), which
>were as ignored as the PIM ones were.
>Maybe TransACT doesn't handle either of those protocols.  Maybe I need
>to be running them on the client inside my network (just tried that out
>of the box, no diff).
>Maybe some hand-crafted iptables rules using NAT to make it seem like
>the client is directly talking to the Marconi router.  But that seems
>the wrong kind of hacky to me.
>>  End of Financial Year XBoxes are back to $220
>Where from?
>Maybe the solution is to have a cheapo ethernet switch hanging off the
>Marconi, and have the XBox/PVR off that, rather than inside your
>Tony Lewis
>Tony Lewis


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