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Sam Couter sam at couter.dropbear.id.au
Tue Jun 22 12:03:44 GMT 2004

Michael Carden <crash at michaelcarden.net> wrote:
> I have farnarkled around with my Smoothwall box interminably in an ill-fated 
> effort to pick up video streams from TransAct. Set up this route, that route, 
> the other route and the 'green' network steadfastly refuses to see anything. 
> Packets? What packets?

Here's as far as I got:

0) Include multicast support in your kernels, and PIM support in your
firewall kernel.

1) You *must* have pimd or routed or some other multicast routing daemon
running on the firewall. The linux kernel *cannot* route multicast packets
without it.

2) You should add a route for multicast packets to head *outwards* from
your network, towards the source of your streams:

route add -net eth0

where eth0 is the interface that connects to TransACT. You're probably
also running PPPoE over that interface. You'll need to give the
interface an IP address before you can route IP packets through it. You
probably haven't already given it an address, because PPPoE doesn't want

3) You'll need to make sure your firewall isn't silently dropping
multicast packets. Mine was (shorewall) until I eventually found out
where to remove the hard-coded rule that did so.

With these things set, I've gotten as far as being able to watch the
same stream as the STB is watching, but only while the STB is watching it.

I'm sorry, I know nothing of green networks (although I can probably
guess what that means), and can't give you smoothwall-specific

I'd be interested to hear from anybody who can get their setup working
better than this, or who can help me get mine working.

> Not that I care a whole lot. Hmmm. Let's see. Watch TV on a 15" CRT or a 76cm 
> 16:9 screen with dolby digital decoding, a Thumping Great Amp and Speakers. I 
> reckon I can join the family in the lounge room.

My setup isn't that great, but in any case I want it so I can record
while watching a different show, and record more than one show at a time.

I don't even watch TV all that often, but when I do there's often three
shows on at once that I or my wife want to watch.

> Ooh, look. More good stuff on TCM.

Logan's Run was on last night.
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