[clug] stream TransACT - to file this time

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sun Jun 6 12:36:36 GMT 2004

At 10:10 PM 6/06/2004 +1000, Andrew Goodall wrote:
>On 06/06/2004, at 9:19 PM, Tony and Robyn Lewis wrote:
>>I'm pondering the best way to manually use the PC as a small-time VCR,
>>recording a transact stream to be later played back.
>>To view real-time, I use xine.  Have used vlc and I think mplayer as
>>well.  None of these seem to have a write-to-file option.
>VLC does transcoding (stream in > re-encode) and write to disk amongst 
>other things. I also got some (start time) scheduling happening from the 
>command line but couldn't get it to stop at the time. Don't worry; it was 
>just a Windows box with a single partition so I just let it fille the disk. :D
>I'm keen to get MythTV happening, myself, but having no experience with it 
>I'm not sure whether it will do what you want with the TransACT box. 
>Someone has a MythTV box in my TransACT cubicle at the moment so I'll 
>check it out with them tomorrow and let you know if you want.

Tridge gave a most interesting talk at the end of the last CLUG meeting 
about how the TV channels were multicast streams that you could receive and 
record straight to disk with the appropriate command.  I can't remember any 
of the exact details but there were several people clustered around him 
after the meeting finding out the relevant facts.  Anyone?

I'd love to do this, but as TransACT seems to be a far more expensive way 
of getting an internet connection than even NetSpeed have dreamed up, and 
as I need to watch more TV like a goldfish needs to learn to juggle, I will 
leave it there.

Have fun,


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