[clug] stream TransACT - to file this time

Andrew Goodall andrew at fumpet.net
Sun Jun 6 22:52:18 GMT 2004

On 06/06/2004, at 10:10 PM, Andrew Goodall wrote:

> On 06/06/2004, at 9:19 PM, Tony and Robyn Lewis wrote:
>> I'm pondering the best way to manually use the PC as a small-time VCR,
>> recording a transact stream to be later played back.
>> To view real-time, I use xine.  Have used vlc and I think mplayer as
>> well.  None of these seem to have a write-to-file option.
> VLC does transcoding (stream in > re-encode) and write to disk amongst 
> other things. I also got some (start time) scheduling happening from 
> the command line but couldn't get it to stop at the time. Don't worry; 
> it was just a Windows box with a single partition so I just let it 
> fille the disk. :D
> I'm keen to get MythTV happening, myself, but having no experience 
> with it I'm not sure whether it will do what you want with the 
> TransACT box. Someone has a MythTV box in my TransACT cubicle at the 
> moment so I'll check it out with them tomorrow and let you know if you 
> want.

I have been advised that MythTV can indeed be modified to accept 
multicast IP MPEG2.

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