[clug] cd protected cd ?

Pietro Abate Pietro.Abate at anu.edu.au
Wed Jun 2 02:45:18 GMT 2004

On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 12:40:01PM +1000, Edgecombe, Scott wrote:
> I have the same CD and ripped it using grip on Slackware with no
> problems.
> My wife, a former windows user tried to play it on her XP box and it
> wouldn't work. She is also now a slack user and has had no problems.

In particular I've two: "came away with me" and "feels like home". Both
from blue note and experience the same problem with both while I've not
problem with others... I've tried ripping these cds with xcdroast.
Which backend did you use ? cd2wav ? 


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