[clug] linksys WRT45G

Manuel Risco-Herrera mriscoherrera at internode.on.net
Fri Dec 3 03:16:54 GMT 2004

How about computer market and/or ebay.com.au for cheaper prices.

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On 3 Dec 2004, at 13:28, Michael James wrote:

> SI in Gladstone St Fyshwick just confirmed
>  they have another 3 [wrt54g] and can match that price.

So how long until we have a "hacking the WRT54G" CLUG? Linksys have 
released a toolset, there's a project called "OpenWRT", and Google 
knows of dozens of people who've posted custom software images for the 

There's even a guide on adding the right hardware to get the two 
on-board serial ports working (you need to add a RS-232 line driver and 
9-pin D, which requires case modifications).


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