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Peter Barker pbarker at barker.dropbear.id.au
Fri Aug 20 05:12:50 GMT 2004

On Fri, 20 Aug 2004, Collins, Steve wrote:

> I have a small RH9 server (converted desktop) which I'm running a few
> important things on - CVS, Nagios, Bugzilla.  Recently, it's started
> acting a little whacko.  It stops responding for no apparent reason, on

Your message hints at but doesn't actually say - is it only over the
network that this machine stops responding, or is there also some evidence
of problems when you're at the console? I assume only the network, since
you've given information about CPU load etc.

Are there any resource conflicts on the machine?

We had a machine do pretty much what you just described at one stage. We
replaced the network card and it's been happy ever since. I still have
trouble getting by head around doing things like that - but spending an
hour's wages on a replacement network card or spending a few hours finding
the problem... Actually, I'm finding it MUCH easier to spend other
people's money nowadays :)

Oh - you might also check the network cabling; it might have been bumped /
still be being bumped or temperature changes might be affecting things.

> Steve

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