[clug] GnuPG?

Nemo Cameron nemo at theporch.house.cx
Sun Apr 4 10:07:41 GMT 2004

On Sat, Apr 03, 2004 at 10:21:13PM +1000, Mick Howe did utter:
> another pet hate of mine is people who use massive signatures and / or 
> copyright / my view not my boss' disclaimers at the foot of every mail they 
> send.

I recently[5] solved that by reducing my .sig down to two very minimal
lines and moving most of the 'information' into X- headers. Everything
is either there, or discoverable via there. Keeps mess out of email
replies (as well as out of most people's discovery :)

> I've seen 30 line signatures / disclaimers quoted five or six times on mails 
> that are a one line reply to a one line statement many times on this list

I've sometimes clipped those from nested replies, leaving the rest
intact. I hate the new Outlook four-line quote information though, since
etiquette says it cannot be edited down to something concise, and it's
nescessary to follow the conversation in such cases. :(


[5] If the filestamp on my .sig is anything to go by, by "recently" I
mean almost a year ago. Wow time goes fast

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