[clug] SAMBA eats your family pets [was: unix2dos automatic convertion]

Jepri jepri at webone.com.au
Sat Apr 3 11:59:26 GMT 2004

Dude!  Do NOT cross post to 5 different groups unless SAMBA does 
something like eat your pets whenever the UNIX date is a prime number 
ending in seven.

Bad bad bad.

Even worse when the answer to your question is "Don't do it", as in 
"Don't automatically change line endings, it tends to lead to corrupted 

Souza, Clovis wrote:
>  Dear managers,
>>I'm looking for a way for automatic unix2dos conversion of our  SAMBA
>>shared Solaris 8.0   files.txt,
>>and I don't know where mail list to ask for.
>>I already use the unix2dos versions of NT/W2K and Solaris 8.0  but it
>>needs manual command unix2dos to be issued.
>> Clovis Souza

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