Debian testing - where do I get it?

Alex Satrapa grail at
Thu Mar 20 10:11:16 EST 2003

On Thursday, March 20, 2003, at 08:01 , Michael Still wrote:

> On Wed, 19 Mar 2003, Felix Karpfen wrote:
>> Having been advised that my current setup (RH 7.1) is well and truly
>> obsolete, do I wait for Debian 3.1?
> Well, from my understanding on the Debian world is that there is no need
> to ever wait. I would do something like this (assuming infinite
> bandwidth):

I think you missed the important part of Felix' question:

>> I really cannot face downloads from the Net of 40-60 Mb in order to 
>> get more recent versions of the kernel and XFree86 - even if it is a 
>> trivial exercise for people with 24-hour broadband access.

So in Felix' case he'd need someone to supply a very fresh copy of the 
packages that make up Testing.  Then he'd still be facing about 
40Mb/week to keep current.

Felix - I think if you really want the stuff that's in the latest Debian 
Testing, you'll have to live with daily updates, or phone a friend (you 
can't take 50/50 on this one) who has a CD burner :)

Debian Stable isn't quite as obsolete as RH7.1 - would that be a 
worthwhile stepping stone?  I'm sure if you ask nicely, someone can 
provide you Debian Stable on CD at next week's CLUG meeting*.  At least 
that gives you an easy upgrade path.


"We never have definite knowledge of what needs to be done until we're 
finished and discover how wrong we were."
   -- Dan Burke and Alan Morrison, "Business @ The Speed Of Stupid"
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