Compiling Open Office under Debian

Russell Weatherburn russell at
Fri Mar 7 11:56:27 EST 2003


I got my hands on the source code for Open Office v 1.0.2, and want to
compile it.  Following all the instructions I can get my hands on, I've
managed to get what I can consider halfway through the compile before it

The first question I have is, is there a way to clean the source back to
original, similar to a "make dist-clean" when you are doing a kernel
compile?  Would this have any bearing on why it is crashing after an initial
attempt to compile the source?

The second question, has anyone successfully done a CVS update of the source
code?  CVS seems to freeze after doing two of the "modules".

The third question, why does it barf?  Hopefully, the steps shown below will
help someone to see where I may be going wrong.

The situation:

I'm running a Woody box, and install things as needed.  In this case, I've
installed tcsh and a couple of other things that were specifically
"required" by OO.

1/ change to tcsh shell.
2/ go to ./open_office_source/config_office and run ./configure
3/ cd..
4/ source LinuxIntelEnv.Set (as per instructions.)
5/ execute ./bootstrap (again, as per instructions.)
6/ wait for a while while dmake and some other things are built.
7/ run dmake
8/ Wait for dmake to compile lots of stuff (should take around 12 hours,
according to notes on
9/ get the following error ...

Building project udm
Making: ../../
c++ -c -I. -I. -I../inc -I../../inc -I../../unx/inc -I../../
-I/usr/local/src/oo_1.0.2_src/solenv/unxlngi3/inc -I
/usr/local/src/oo_1.0.2_src/solenv/inc -I/usr/local/src/oo_1.0.2_src/res
_src/solenv/inc/Xp31 -I/usr/local/java/jdk1.3.1_07/include
ude -I/usr/X11R6/include     -I. -I../../res -I. -O2   -pipe -mpentiumpro
or-scope -fpermissive -fexceptions  -frtti    -DLINUX -DUNX -DVCL -DGCC
-DC295 -
/steps.o /usr/local/src/oo_1.0.2_src/udm/source/udm/steps.cxx
In file included from ../../inc/udm/impl_struct.hxx:73,
                 from ../../inc/udm/entity.hxx:69,
                 from ../../inc/udm/steps.hxx:69,
../../inc/udm/tt_struct.hxx:239: common_type called with uncommon member
types (
compiler error)
dmake:  Error code 1, while making '../../'
---* TG_SLO.MK *---

ERROR: Error 65280 occurred while making
dmake:  Error code 1, while making 'build_all'
---* TG_SLO.MK *---




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