Compiling Open Office under Debian - SOLVED

Russell Weatherburn russell at
Wed Mar 12 23:02:24 EST 2003


Thanks for your reply.

I had been attempting to compile it with gcc2.95 (which the doccos appear to say
that it should work with, but hey?) and changed to gcc3.0 - whallah, after some
screwing around getting another X dev library, it's compiled.

Seems to work a bit better than the version I had previously.  Haven't attempted
to use RTF yet, which was the main reason why I went the "upgrade".

Wrt cvs updating, the inference I got from the web page doccos was that you
could check out the whole source via cvs.  If this is wrong, maybe they should
make mention of it.  I would think it is silly that you can't anyway.


Jim Watson wrote:

> Russell,
> i have been compiling a sparc version which will not compile
> becasue it needs new "../bridges" but the following may help:
> -are you using gcc3.1? possibly gcc2.95 is not fully "supported" by OO now?
> - did bootstrap build with no exception messages?
> - to build the whole thing you need a full source release. if you are getting
> cvs updates you only build the one module, there is a special set of already
> built modules that you get and then you compile the desired module only
> against the others that are already compiled, that way any problems are
> isolated- do you know about this, or would you like me point you to the docs?
> possibly you know more anyway, my knowledge is not good about this, these are
> just a few things i have figured out...
> regards
> jim


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