[OT] Disposal of Power Supplies

Alex Satrapa asatrapa at tpg.com.au
Fri Mar 7 10:52:57 EST 2003

I have a stack of about 16 ex-power supplies (they're not Norwegian 
Blues though).  Most of them are/were ATX 250W P4 supplies - about three 
are compact 180W P4 supplies - and have been replaced due to failures 
ranging from intermittent dropouts to total reluctance to supply power.

If anyone is interested in inheriting my stash of dead power supplies 
(eg: you have the capacity and willingness to resurrect said PSUs), I'd 
much rather drag them along to the next CLUG meeting than throw them 
out.  They might be good for cannibalising working parts, if not to 
build working supplies.

Note that there is absolutely no warranty of any kind on these items - I 
don't even guarantee that they're completely dead (they might actually 
be pining for the fjords, or having a long kip).

Alex Satrapa
TPG Canberra

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