[clug] MORE - webone sells out to iinet

Darrell Burkey dazza at tucan.net
Thu Jun 12 10:12:49 EST 2003

On Thu, 12 Jun 2003 09:48, Bolin, Robert wrote:

> Why are there chills running down my spine about this? Maybe because I
> heard the same words when Interact was bought out by Asia Online (It's
> funny that in both cases, the larger company says "we bought" and the
> smaller says "we merged to leverage better results for the customer...")

Although I share your sentiments regarding ISP takeovers, I don't think the 
examples you gave are a fair comparison given the excellent reputation of 
both WebOne and iiNet. I'm a fairly harsh critic of the ISP industry in 
general and don't use their services myself but let's give credit where 
credit is due. 

For years I've been asking how WebOne could stay financial with all the extra 
wonderful work/services they provide to customers. iiNet had been quite a 
leader in the industry for some years. They strike me as having some very 
sensible business people on their team and have initiated interesting 
projects over the years. Their attitude is light years away from the style of 
business I've seen here in the ACT. 

Let's hope I don't end up eating my words. :-)


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