[clug] MORE - webone sells out to iinet

Dale Shaw DShaw at exceed.com.au
Thu Jun 12 10:05:45 EST 2003

I've had experience with iiNet in Perth and my impression is that
they're a top notch provider. If anyone remembers, back in the day, most
BBS SysOps in Canberra ran the "RemoteAccess" software by Andrew
Milner/Wantree Development. Well, when Andrew moved back to Australia he
started an ISP ("Wantree") in Perth and I hooked up my old man with an
account. At some point along the way, Wantree was acquired by iiNet and
from what my Dad told me around that time it was a painless transition.

I don't know the personalities involved any more but I do follow the
oz-isp mailing list and the iiNet folk appear to be well clued up.
Having said that, though, technical ability doesn't have much to do with
it :-)

This is a well-established Australian ISP expanding -- not really
comparable to the Asia Online scenario. I'm a WebOne customer and am not
at all concerned about it all going pear-shaped.

(WebOne announcement e-mail attached for non-WebOne customers)


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Why are there chills running down my spine about this? Maybe because I
the same words when Interact was bought out by Asia Online (It's funny
in both cases, the larger company says "we bought" and the smaller says
merged to leverage better results for the customer...")

(Iacom customer -> Interact customer -> Asia Online customer -> out in
cold -> Webone customer -> iinet customer -> ?)


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