[clug] MORE - webone sells out to iinet

Mark Paine mark at paineless.id.au
Thu Jun 12 10:13:25 EST 2003

> Rob,
> Please do not use TPG. I am about to start using TPG and would rather
> they were not acquired by another company for a while. You seem to be
> the  touch-of-death for ISP's.

I left TPG to join WebOne!! (and that move was a vast improvement.)  iiNet
do seem to have a good reputation around the place, especialy with
broadband where they seem particularly agressive (in a nice way though).

It will be interesting to see if the WebOne name will remain though.  I
suspect for the short term it will, but it will eventually go and be
replaced by iiNet.  The next couple of months will probably see nothing
happen, then some changes will start arriving.  Integration into iiNet
will be inevitable given iiNet's comments in their April newsletter about
RuralNet and Tas Access migration to iiNet.

Meanwhile, just enjoy what we have!!!

Mark P.
..sig - TBA

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