[clug] MORE - webone sells out to iinet

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Please do not use TPG. I am about to start using TPG and would rather 
they were not acquired by another company for a while. You seem to be 
the  touch-of-death for ISP's.


Bolin, Robert wrote:
> Why are there chills running down my spine about this? Maybe because I heard
> the same words when Interact was bought out by Asia Online (It's funny that
> in both cases, the larger company says "we bought" and the smaller says "we
> merged to leverage better results for the customer...")
> Rob
> (Iacom customer -> Interact customer -> Asia Online customer -> out in the
> cold -> Webone customer -> iinet customer -> ?)
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> a scan of the webone release is here:
> http://the-riotact.com/~johnboy/p0611026.pdf
> John Griffiths wrote:
>>Just a heads up that iinet have bouhgt out webone.
>>iinet have a media release here:
>>which is not specific but i've got a dead tree of the the webone media
>>lets hope they don't go dropping the ball or going belly up as expanding
>>ISP's are prone to do.
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