[clug] Re: Open Source promo stall

Darren Freeman daz111 at rsphysse.anu.edu.au
Thu Jul 24 13:30:54 EST 2003

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 13:01, James McNeill wrote:

> the reason that I suggested Open Office / Mozilla is that Knoppix might be
> cool & all, but unless you have a need for it, it's just a bit of eye candy.
> Open office is something that Windows users can take home, install, and

OH!!! I forgot that some people might want the *Windows* version of that
;) Gee, I've been Windows-clear for so long I forgot how desperate those
users can be for something that *works* ;)

> start using streight away. They can immediatly see the usefullness of the
> free software.

point taken. so we need Knoppix and another CD of Windows free software
(if there really is such a thing ;)

> Perhaps we could give a spindle of CDs to other Com. Fair stalls, to be
> handed out with products sold. Mayhap a Knoppix with every new HDD or mobo?

good idea, get em before they even install Win XP ;) but in that case,
giving away a spindle, the stall owner should supply the spindle ahead
of time and get it back on the day burned. They can then show off their
brand of CDRs without paying for what's on them.

But at this point we have to ask ourselves if burning CDs is the way to
go. Maybe pressed CDs are better if we have funding. They are probably
10c each and no work for us, but we need the corporate sponsorship to do
10k of them. At the minimum it's not really fair for volunteers to burn
50 CDs for a computer vendor to use as promo-material, but if we have
access to a CD changer then it becomes trivial to do hundreds of CDs for
various people.

DO WE have access to a CD changer? 

> count me in for some time on the stall. we could have *nmap* as seen in the
> matrix! no ... your right. that is a bad idea.

There is a good entry point in certain movies though, movies that show
you how cool users of *nix systems are. I know, there's like 3 movies
like that in total ;) So stick to the matrix scene.. "Look! Trinity is
so cool, she can use nmap! She r0xx0r$!" No, wait, we're not servicing
the w4r3z pups of the world. If they can't see how cool it is on its
own, they deserve to use WinXP and pay $500 for it (or more likely just
not pay but suffer anyway).

> Soap!! as in:
> the first rule of CLUG is: you do not talk about CLUG.
> the second rule of CLUG is: you do not talk about CLUG!!
> "Tonight ... we make soap" - Tyler Durden

aaaaaahhh ;) I forgot where that line came from ;)

> ok ... I might be a left wing tree hugging linux hippie, but SCO has pissed
> me off.
> -James

Are you implying we should sell the SCO people their own snot back to
them in the form of beauty products?

- Darren

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