[clug] Re: Open Source promo stall

James McNeill james at heague.com.au
Thu Jul 24 13:01:23 EST 2003

> >    That should avoid the "gimmee" crowd and also get a little publicity.

If we're burning CDs as we go, I don't think this will be a problem, as
there'd be a few minutes wait involved in obtaining a CD. Greedy people get
impatient easily.

the reason that I suggested Open Office / Mozilla is that Knoppix might be
cool & all, but unless you have a need for it, it's just a bit of eye candy.
Open office is something that Windows users can take home, install, and
start using streight away. They can immediatly see the usefullness of the
free software.

Perhaps we could give a spindle of CDs to other Com. Fair stalls, to be
handed out with products sold. Mayhap a Knoppix with every new HDD or mobo?

count me in for some time on the stall. we could have *nmap* as seen in the
matrix! no ... your right. that is a bad idea.

Soap!! as in:
the first rule of CLUG is: you do not talk about CLUG.
the second rule of CLUG is: you do not talk about CLUG!!

"Tonight ... we make soap" - Tyler Durden

ok ... I might be a left wing tree hugging linux hippie, but SCO has pissed
me off.


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