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Ambrose Andrews ambrosea at neurofractal.org
Wed Jul 23 19:50:08 EST 2003

On Wed, 2003-07-23 at 19:29, Darren Freeman wrote:
> Knoppix is the go as far as I'm concerned, being able to go home and
> boot off the CD to a KDE desktop with auto-probed hardware and network,
> and run Mozilla and OpenOffice, all from the one boot CD, is a powerful
> thing indeed ;) Especially when you can then install to hard disc on top
> of a windoze partition without risking the existing setup. If you can
> get somebody to that point and they're not into playing commercial
> games, you've probably got them convinced enough to get a copy of
> another distro.
There's also the Morphix variant (which I haven't tried) - capable of
being a bit smaller / a bit faster with some of the crammed-in knoppix
application lopped off / a bit more pick-and-chooseable.
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