[clug] issues with Galeon in unstable

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Thu Jul 10 09:12:11 EST 2003

>>>>> "Steve" == Steven Hanley <sjh at svana.org> writes:

    Steve> The proxy stuff is no longer part one of the menus, so you
    Steve> can not easily disable or enable the proxy, you have to
    Steve> click through the edit|preferences|network|proxy settings
    Steve> which brings up gnome-control-center or something to modify
    Steve> it.

Yep, bugs me, but not as much as no longer being able to do "Edit
Bookmarks Here..." or whatever it was called...  :-)

    Steve> The other one is now pasting (middle click) a URL onto a
    Steve> page in galeon no longer causes that page to load (this has
    Steve> been default behaviour in netscape and similar browsers
    Steve> since 2.0 or so AFAIR).

    Steve> Does any one know if it is possible to get either of these
    Steve> behaviors back?  Or is it just another part of the GNOME
    Steve> should not have any configuration options Jihad as it
    Steve> confuses people who use windows or something.

GConf Editor is your friend!  :-)   At least for the mouse button

1. Run gconf-editor (possibly from Applications -> System Tools ->
   Configuration Editor).

2. Go to apps -> galeon -> UI -> Mouse

3. Set middle_button_action to 1.  (Wow, the help is back after a long
   absence, so you can see what the other values mean!  :-)

OK, they changed it.  1 is "Paste url in new tab", while 6 is "Paste
in current tab".  The latter is my preferred behaviour.

I've also got right_button_action set to 1, which is:

  perform gestures, displaying context menu on button release

The simpler gestures, like a right-to-left drag to go back a page, are

gconf-editor lets you access a lot of the options that have
"disappeared" in different applications.  I've got Galeon saving its
session on exit, and have managed to tell Metacity a thing or 2...

peace & happiness,

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