[clug] VIA rhine ethernet

Andrew Pollock andrew-clug at andrew.net.au
Mon Jul 7 12:09:18 EST 2003


Anyone out there using a machine with a VIA Ethernet chipset?

I'm having issues with a couple of 


that are being used as firewalls. The onboard Ethernet is a VIA Rhine2 
using the via-rhine kernel module.

I've tried with 2.4.18 and 2.4.20, and under load with large packets, I 
can repeatedly make the interface lock up. I've been doing flood pings 
with > 1500 byte packets from the machine itself and you get all manner of 
netdev watchdog timeouts and interface not resetting in 10ms etc etc.

I've been able to reproduce this on two of the above machines. Just 
wondering if anyone else out there has one they can try a flood ping with 
large packets on, or if anyone knows if this is a known issue and they're 
generally of shite quality and shouldn't be used for anything terribly 
intensive or mission critical.


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