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Michael James michael at james.st
Fri Feb 28 10:11:11 EST 2003

> Way back when, Michael James (michael at james.st) grumbled:
> > Your attachment "untitled.7", has to be dealt with outside the email.

On Fri, 28 Feb 2003 08:14 am, Matthew Hawkins replied:
> Out of curiosity, what the heck are you on about?
> Rob's mail consisted of two parts, a text/plain and an
> application/pgp-signature.
> Where you get this "untitled.7" thing from, I really have no idea.
> Sounds like your MUA is extremely broken, or at least misconfigured.
> (particularly with it spewing lots of files across your desktop as you
> described).

The "untitled" issue isn't important,
 I could teach eudora about the mime type  application/pgp-signature,
 IF I was interested in them in the first place.

The area where perhaps I have some learning to do
 is my attitude to attachments.
I use attachments when I want the file attached
 to have an existence independent of the mail that carries it.

eg: Here is: a photo of you, my latest script, your phone bill, etc
Chuck the wrapping, keep the attachment.

On my old mac disk space is limited,
 so I am not happy about attachments accumulating
 in a directory hidden within the mailer,
 I want to file them properly or delete them.
So, as a configuration option I choose to have them put on the desktop.

Then GPG implement a system where an increasing percentage of mails
 spew out a signature that has no relevance independent of the mail.
To others it's as annoying as Outlook enabling vcards by default.

On all non-GPG aware mailers
 (call them broken if you will, but that's most mailers)
 it requires special case handling, (or a filter that eudora doesn't have)
 to say, "Whoa, signature; chuck it".

Or check it, I'm not against GPG,
 just the use of attachments to carry the signature.

GPG signatures are ascii,  and don't seem to include return or spaces
 wouldn't they be better in a header?

If you don't like this mail, just hit delete. It will be gone.
Every bit of it. Wonderful. See what I mean?

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