RAID Recommendations

Stephen Hodgman steve at
Fri Feb 7 16:07:38 EST 2003

We are planning to install a SCSI RAID 5 Debian server for our office 
here.  Basically it will be a big Samba share.  We are thinking of having a 
separate disk enclosure and want hot swap capability.

I was wondering what experience people had with hardware for such a 
system.  Should we buy off the shelf?  Normally we build this sort of 
system ourselves.  I would be interested in recommendations for SCSI 
RAID controllers that are well supported under (Debian) Linux.  

BTW, does anyone have and bad feedback on ASUS P4PE 
motherboards with Debian Linux?

Thanks for your help, 
Stephen Hodgman               steve at
Namadgi Systems                Ph. +61 2 6285 3460
Canberra                       Fax +61 2 6285 3459

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