Question with samba system

Mai Martin martinwmai at
Fri Feb 7 21:52:05 EST 2003


Cannot see the share from windows system

I just install Red Hat Linux 8 and samba system, but
the share cannot be seen from windows system. I have
followed the DIAGNOSIS.txt to do testing

1.	testparm run OK.
2.	Ping bothe Linux server and windows client
computers OK.
3.	Run smbclient –L Server OK.
4.	Run nmblookup –B Server__SAMBA__  return
nothing.(not OK)
5.	Run nmblookup –B Client return nothing.
6.	Run nmblookup –d 2 OK.
7.	Run smbclient //Server/share OK.

I have checked nmbd deamon, it seem running OK.  Can
someone help me solve the problem?

Thank you first.

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