USB modem for firewall

Matthew Hawkins matt at
Sat Feb 8 12:09:31 EST 2003

Rasjid Wilcox (rasjidw at wrote:
> You could try the Smoothwall GPL 2.0 (beta4) version.  It is 2.4 based, and 
> probably has better USB modem support than the current IP Cop.

I just thought I'd throw in my 2c on Smoothwall in general.  My sister
cobbled together a small suitable router box from spare parts and
installed Smoothwall herself.  This is a woman with no formal IT
training and no previous Linux experience.  I was called over once when
"it didn't work" - log files had filled the hard disk - so I fixed that
and altered the rotation so it wouldn't happen again.  And told her what
I did, of course (the whole fishing/eating analogy).
I revisited after a few security alerts had been posted and did the
updates.  I also taught her how to do the updates, and why they were
important etc.  She didn't quite get the procedure, however last time I
was over there, she'd recently done the updates herself and remarked how
simple it was.  You could see the pride that's inherent in figuring out
something yourself, doing it, and doing it right.  Another comment made
was after a power outage how pleased she was that she didn't have to
stuff around with it like she did with the windoze boxes behind it.

I haven't experienced any of the other firewall/router distributions,
but if they're as good as that, we've certainly got some great tools for
Ma and Pa internet users.  Total world domination begins at home...

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