Solutions for backup to CD-R

James Macnicol jamesm at
Tue Feb 4 17:14:55 EST 2003

	I have been thinking again (as I do every so often) about the
data I have around which would be lost if a disaster were to occur.
In such an event I don't care if I have to re-install operating
systems and such and the really important work stuff I regularly
backup manually.  There is still a fair amount of garbage that I keep
around that doesn't change too much but which I imagine I would be
seriously annoyed about if I lost.  I am therefore looking for
something which does the following:

*	Monitors a number of specified directories and can do an initial
dump of these to CD-R.  Must support spanning across multiple discs as
it's not all going to fit on one.

*       Can then do incremental updates of stuff that has changed, again
spanning across multiple discs as required.  This is something I think I'd
only do every month or so.

*	Doesn't require so much frigging around to get working that it
would've been more cost-effective to buy some piece of shrink-wrapped
Windoze software.  This is for a Linux/XP box with VMWare so I figure I
can use either o/s for doing the backup, BackUp MyPC looks like it does
what I want but this is 'doze software and costs about $120.

       As I said, I don't need a program that images an entire partition,
the stuff I'm interested in is only in a small number of directories.  Does
anyone on the list have any recommendations for doing this using existing
Linux software?



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