remote firewall advice

Daniel McNamara daniel at
Tue Feb 4 16:19:26 EST 2003

> #include <other_responses_talking_about_turnkey_distros.h>
> What about instead of it trying to make a connection to you, you
> configure a dynamic DNS client on it and have it register its
> ISP-assigned IP address with a DDNS provider? I've never looked for
> myself but I'm sure there are some free ones out there.
> Then you could connect to it using its name (using SSH or whatever).
> Cheers,
> Dale

This is exactly the solution I use at home. I have a free account with and use an little perl script that checks the IP every
fifteen minutes (You can script to check on connect if you like) and it
updates as needs be. Very simple and elegant solution to the problem. Just
set the firewall at home to only allow SSH connections from my work
network and it works very well.



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