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Tue Feb 4 16:04:38 EST 2003

#include <other_responses_talking_about_turnkey_distros.h>

What about instead of it trying to make a connection to you, you
configure a dynamic DNS client on it and have it register its
ISP-assigned IP address with a DDNS provider? I've never looked for
myself but I'm sure there are some free ones out there.

Then you could connect to it using its name (using SSH or whatever).


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What I would really like is some way for him to press a button (the
would have no keyboard) to initiate a dial-out connection. Once
connected, I 
would like the machine to establish a connection back to me (I wouldn't
able to connect to it as I wouldn't know it's IP address and it may be
a NAT router). Maybe a PPP over SSH connection or something so that I
can log 
in from where I am and nurgle his configuration files or whatever.


Thanks for any ideas.


Bob Edwards.

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