Solutions for backup to CD-R

Sam Couter sam at
Tue Feb 4 20:32:22 EST 2003

James Macnicol <jamesm at> wrote:
>        As I said, I don't need a program that images an entire partition,
> the stuff I'm interested in is only in a small number of directories.  Does
> anyone on the list have any recommendations for doing this using existing
> Linux software?

I went looking and couldn't find anything interesting, so I started
writing my own. rsync to a local "master" backup to reduce backup time,
use afio to create compressed archives, create and burn ISO images from
that. It's capable of spanning multiple CDs, but
incremental/differential backups are still on my TODO list.

It's quite crude and requires a lot of local disc space, but it works
for me so far.

It's just a small collection of shell scripts. Available on request if
you really want it, but like I said, it's fairly crude.
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