Gentoo anyone?

Joshua McKinney clug at
Sat Feb 1 01:47:40 EST 2003

On Sat, Feb 01, 2003 at 12:19:42AM +1100, Jepri wrote:
> On 2003.01.31 15:31 Simon Fowler wrote:
> > On Fri, Jan 31, 2003 at 09:18:35AM +1100, Rasjid Wilcox wrote:
> > > (I had a quick look at the sorcerer, lunar-linux and source-mage
> > webpages, but
> > > they all look less mature than Gentoo.)
> > >
> > I have a friend who tried out Gentoo, and went away extremely
> > unimpressed . . . I asked him for a bit of a rant to post here, and
> > he came up with this:
> After reading that the best I can suggest for source distros is 
> installing a very basic system and using the BSD portage system.  I've 
> had the pleasure of using it under Solaris (its called Zoularis) and it 
> works very well.
> I nearly got involved in Sorcerery(sic)/Source-Mage, but got really 
> turned off when I saw the code - 3000 lines without error checking, 
> everything hard-coded, etc.

See my other posts, from my experience with it it works really
well, and contrary to the rant's suggestion that it was not well
documented, the docs are available on the website and under
development for the inclusion in the distro itself, very little
of anything is hard coded, anything that needs changing is
generally changeable in several places default vals in the
source, default conf file vals, override user conf file vals,
and environment vars
If I can't fix it, it aint broke.

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