Gentoo anyone?

Jepri jepri at
Sat Feb 1 00:19:42 EST 2003

On 2003.01.31 15:31 Simon Fowler wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 31, 2003 at 09:18:35AM +1100, Rasjid Wilcox wrote:
> > (I had a quick look at the sorcerer, lunar-linux and source-mage
> webpages, but
> > they all look less mature than Gentoo.)
> >
> I have a friend who tried out Gentoo, and went away extremely
> unimpressed . . . I asked him for a bit of a rant to post here, and
> he came up with this:

After reading that the best I can suggest for source distros is 
installing a very basic system and using the BSD portage system.  I've 
had the pleasure of using it under Solaris (its called Zoularis) and it 
works very well.

I nearly got involved in Sorcerery(sic)/Source-Mage, but got really 
turned off when I saw the code - 3000 lines without error checking, 
everything hard-coded, etc.

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