[clug] CUPS problem

Michael Carden michaelc at panasonic.com.au
Mon Aug 25 15:53:22 EST 2003

Sorry I have nothing to add to the `RE: [clug] CUPS verses LPRNG` query, but
seeing it has prompted me to run my CUPS problem up the flagpole.

I'm the one who appealed for some newbie-help with my Epson photo printer a
few CLUG meetings back, and watched as Tridge waded in to the flaky,
half-baked Debian system I had and convinced the GIMP to output high quality
colour photos. So far, so good and Thanks Tridge. [as an aside, I did
finally discover why the damn thing kept locking up that evening... the
motherboard's previous owner had set some jumpers to select an
'undocumented' FSB speed]

I also hoped to get CUPS going so that I could use the printer for more than
making pretty pictures. I have installed CUPS and the GUI front end and the
recommended bits and pieces sourced from linuxprinting.org and I can't get
it to work. I can get a good test page via the GUI. I can output a text file
via a convoluted lp string at the command prompt.

Ideally I'd like to use the CUPS GUI to adjust printer settings and manage
jobs. I'd like to use CUPS to handle printing from various KDE apps, or
pretty well anything that needs printing services.

If I try to change any printer parameters via the GUI at
http://localhost:631 I get a page of parameters to change, and if I click on
'continue' I get an error: Lost Connection to Localhost. That's fine, except
I'm sitting at Localhost and I haven't killed CUPS to take away any

The other error I've encountered is client-error-gone, which I suspect may
mean the same thing, but since my searches of both the linuxprinting.org web
site and the CUPS docs tell me almost nothing about it, I can't be sure.

I've Googled. I've read docs until my eyes bleed. I've posted to the woeful
CUPS web forum [why not a mailing list fer gawdsake?] with no response at

I have resigned myself to emailing text documents to myself at work to print
via our Windows network.

I'm grateful for any informative suggestions.


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