[clug] Webone

Mark Triggs mst at dishevelled.net
Fri Aug 22 09:08:50 EST 2003

Jim Watson <amaroo at webone.com.au> writes:

> i now have got all my old webone things restored, so it appears things
> have not got lost, they will gradually re-activate things for each
> user when they make contact, i held for over an hour last night before
> i got through, be warned the musak is electronic and repaets after
> only 4 bars.


> seems everyone is being moved from from webone to dmp and back again?

Checking again this morning, webone.com.au's MX records seem to be set
correctly. It looks like I (and a friend who had the same problem) may
have been seeing a cached copy of the records from somewhere.



Mark Triggs
<mst at dishevelled.net>

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