[clug] Sun Developers Workstation - For Sale

john.blumenthal at dmr.com.au john.blumenthal at dmr.com.au
Tue Apr 22 10:35:38 EST 2003

I have a Sun Blade 100 workstation for sale, inclusive of the full licences
for Solaris, J2EE developers kit and Oracle developers kit for Solaris.
This machine is brand new and never actually used in anger, and yes it was
legally obtained.

I am prepared to sell it at a reasonable price, so make me an offer.  New
they are $3k for the box alone.

Please excuse the use of your mailing list for the purposes of selling
hardware, but I figured that it would find a good home amoungst Linux folk.

Feel free to ring or email me as follows;

John Blumenthal
h:      +61 2 6161 0522
m:     +61 414 952 767
e:      john.blumenthal at dmr.com.au
e:      bgills at webone.com.au

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