[clug] Saving Real streams

Paul Bryan pa_bryan at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Apr 22 10:36:55 EST 2003

Hi, at the last CLUG meeting, someone asked about saving Real streams. I've had a little look at it ('cause I wanna' do it to), and came up with a couple of possibilites. I haven't had the chance to try these out yet though.

Solution 1: xmms has an input plugin for listening to Real audio. If you use the output plugin that saves audio to a wav file rather than sending to an audio device or sound server, your set. I've used the output plugin with other inputs and it works fine. I couldn't get the Real plugin working though. Mind you, I didn't try very hard (just put it in the plugin directory and it didn't show up). If you can get the Real plugin working though, I can't see why you couldn't use the file save output plugin.

Solution 2: TRPlayer is a command line Real player. You should be able to use this and pipe the output to some program that saves the audio to a file. Doing it this way, I can't see why you couldn't pipe it through something like oggenc and re-encode at the same time. I haven't had a chance to try TRPlayer yet, but hopefully I'll get a chance sometime this week.

Solution 3: As it's got to unencode the stream to send it to the audio device, I can't see why you couldn't write a driver that takes the raw audio and writes it to a file anyway. Maybe you could even use a fifo for the audio device...

Solution 4: Some other way. I'm sure someone could write some sort of Perl script to do it. Lord knows, there's a script for everyting else...

Just a few thoughts.


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