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Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Thu Apr 17 07:48:11 EST 2003

Joel Pearson (pearj at writeme.com) wrote:
> Hi,
> It looks like in the next few weeks I'll probably have to setup a pop
> mail server that redirects emails to other address, so basically it
> just forwards emails and not much else. Which pop server is the best
> to use? I've had a little look around and I've seen qmail, qpopper,
> ipop3d, cucipop.  I've never really heard of any of these before so
> I have no idea which, if any, of these servers would be good for my
> purpose. What servers do people use?

Umm.. is a POP server really what you're after?  If you're simply acting
as a mail gateway for those people and they're not actually connecting
to you to retrieve their mail, then you simply need any decent mail
transport agent, like sendmail, qmail, exim, and my personal favourite,

If they are connecting to you to get their mail, then you may[1] need
a POP or IMAP server on top of that.  From the software you have listed,
qmail is a MTA, not a POP server. qpopper and cucipop are both decent
pieces of software, and ipopd is brought to us by the university of
buffer overruns, with the library that insists on placing pointless
pieces of junk email ("do not delete this message or your mailbox will
corrupt!") in everyone's boxes.

There's actually more pop servers than that, for example Courier (which
attempts to be a complete email server solution) has a POP component.
So does Cyrus, dovecot, GNU mailutils, ...

Of the two decent ones you listed, both are open source however cucipop 
requires a per-user license fee (much like nntpcache).  They are both
well maintained with decent upstream authors and user communities.

[1] There are other ways of retrieving email, such as using SMTP's ETRN
command, or uucp, or ...


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