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Simon Haddon simon at sibern.com.au
Thu Apr 17 00:29:52 EST 2003

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On 16/04/03, 11:24:28 PM, Joel Pearson <pearj at writeme.com> wrote regarding 
[clug] Pop Mail server:

> Hi,

> It looks like in the next few weeks I'll probably have to setup a pop 
> server that redirects emails to other address, so basically it just 
> emails and not much else.
> Which pop server is the best to use? I've had a little look around and 
> seen qmail, qpopper, ipop3d, cucipop.  I've never really heard of any of
> these before so I have no idea which, if any, of these servers would be 
> for my purpose.
> What servers do people use?

I use qmail/qpopper on my hosting boxes as I have to deal with virtual 
hosts and emails. 

In the office I used to use ipop3d but nowadays it is all imap based .  
Guess it depends how you want to use it as to what package you want.

> Joel

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