[clug] Looking for a PAM guru

Robert robert at apex.net.au
Fri Apr 11 19:51:53 EST 2003

PAM is an authentication service, not a directory service.
So it never returns any user information like UID.

What UID do you want it delivered with. Is emailusers formatted like
passwd with UID etc
or is it just a like of usernames.

If your linux version uses a nsswitch.conf it may be possible to plug in
a nsswitch module
that treats emailusers as a directory service. Which will get you their
UID assuming such info is in the file.

However, they are then a valid user for all purposes. Essentially
putting someone in email users is equivalent to them being in the
password file. Which is probably not what you want.

Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
> For a while we've had a whole pile of email accounts that don't exist in
> /etc/passwd, instead they're in /etc/emailusers. Exim is configured to
> deliver email if they're in either.
> My problem is to get this to work with PAM, so I can use a POP daemon like
> qpopper without have to edit the source code. Unfortunatly it doesn't appear
> to be possible, since none of the PAM modules have anything to do with the
> UID. The problem is that none of the users have a UID at all (the mail is
> delivered with user "mailuser").
> I've checked the Linux-PAM System Administrators guide but it's of no help
> here.
> Any ideas?
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