[clug] Looking for a PAM guru

Martijn van Oosterhout kleptog at svana.org
Fri Apr 11 17:16:03 EST 2003

For a while we've had a whole pile of email accounts that don't exist in
/etc/passwd, instead they're in /etc/emailusers. Exim is configured to
deliver email if they're in either.

My problem is to get this to work with PAM, so I can use a POP daemon like
qpopper without have to edit the source code. Unfortunatly it doesn't appear
to be possible, since none of the PAM modules have anything to do with the
UID. The problem is that none of the users have a UID at all (the mail is
delivered with user "mailuser").

I've checked the Linux-PAM System Administrators guide but it's of no help

Any ideas?
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