[clug] Help Needed - peercast relays and local music

John Griffiths johnboy at the-riotact.com
Fri Apr 11 12:21:39 EST 2003

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Another point on this issue that occurs to me,

and that those working in, or operating, ISP's might like to consider,

Peercast seems to offer netmask filtering that (i could be wrong) should
let ISPs allow relaying only within their own network.

So any ISPs out there that get onboard would be able to contribute at
very little cost to themselves, and offer a pretty nifty service to
their subscribers.

alternatively they could relay it as a straight shoutcast stream within
their network only.

Huge thanks to those who've expressed interest so far.

I'm aiming to get all interested parties together next week sometime and
establish a special purpose mailing list for this project.

An FM 104 producer has offered the use of 104 studios, but I'm not sure
he'll be able to deliver on that one.

Thanks all for your interest,

I promise to take this off the CLUG list soon.


Michael Still wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Apr 2003, John Griffiths wrote:
>>What I'm after right now is expressions of interest from anyone willing
>>to host a relay for a 30Kbs Ogg stream.
> Can you give us a hint as to what is involved in relaying a stream? Is it
> disk intensive, network intensive?
> Mikal

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