[clug] Help Needed - peercast relays and local music

John Griffiths johnboy at the-riotact.com
Thu Apr 10 16:34:51 EST 2003

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Hi Paul,

I'm reposting to the list because of an issue you raised,

Even a 56k dial up modem is capable of relaying a single stream.

the big fat pipes can do more, but every little bit helps if it's left

You may of course have other reasons why this isn't a good idea for you.

I'll add your email to my list and I'll be in touch in a couple of weeks
once I've progressed the concept further.


Paul Bryan wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 10, 2003 at 02:25:03PM +1000, John Griffiths wrote:
>> - For those who haven't had the pleasure, local music is actually very
>>good, it just can't get exposure.
> Being a local muso, I definately agree to that!
>>It's planned to be an unbranded, non-commercial, unencumbered, stream
>>that anyone can use.
> Sounds good.
>>All offers of relays will also be gratefully accepted.
>>What I'm after right now is expressions of interest from anyone willing
>>to host a relay for a 30Kbs Ogg stream.
> Unfortunately, I'm only connected via ADSL, so I don't think I have
anywhere near the bandwidth or upload balance to do this.
>>If you think you'd like to help then mail me and let me know.
> Besides being able to provide bandwidth, I'd love to help out in other
ways. This is something I'm very interested in, being a muso, techo and
big fan of open music for all. If there are other aspects that you need
help with, I'd love to volunteer.
> I'm a sysadmin at CIT, an IT student at ANU and (as I mentioned a muso
myself), so I'm sure I have some skills you could make use of.
> Let me know what you think.
> Cheers,
> Paul Bryan.
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