Perl excitement and Minmei

Jepri jepri at
Thu Sep 26 23:31:41 EST 2002

I'm reposting because I met at least one person tonight who missed the 
post because it didn't have 'Perl' in the title.  Perlmongers is a kind 
of user group for perl people.  Note that I didn't say 'perl 
programmers'.  We welcome those who dabble as well as those who live 
it.  It's not as tightly focussed as CLUG, and you're allowed to use 

We don't have any meetings yet, but we will.  I'm hoping alcohol will 
be involved at some point, as well as perl.  For the moment, join the 
mailing list and I'll let you know.

I was kidding about Minmei

On 2002.09.25 22:36 Jepri wrote:
> Canberra now has a local chapter of PerlMongers!  You can find out a 
> little more about PerlMongers at
> We will be starting meetings soon, which will alternate between 
> social events and hard core geekery.  For now there is a mailing list 
> for people to sign up at 
> The group isn't just for 'real perl programmers' - we encourage 
> beginners and those who use it just a little like system admins.  
> Heck, if you want to drop by the list and ask what Perl is we'll be 
> happy to help you out.
> We are also OS neutral, so if you know any 'doze perl guys pass the 
> news on, since I don't know about the windows user groups in town.
> We need a mascot.  Does anyone know where I can get a stuffed/blow up 
> camel?
> Jeremy

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