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Its been awhile, but I ROFL-ed

On Wednesday, 25 September 2002 at 10:36PM, Jepri <jepri at> managed to get the following past my procmail filter:
> Canberra now has a local chapter of PerlMongers!  You can find out a 
> little more about PerlMongers at
> We will be starting meetings soon, which will alternate between social 
> events and hard core geekery.  For now there is a mailing list for 
> people to sign up at
> The group isn't just for 'real perl programmers' - we encourage 
> beginners and those who use it just a little like system admins.  Heck, 
> if you want to drop by the list and ask what Perl is we'll be happy to 
> help you out.
> We are also OS neutral, so if you know any 'doze perl guys pass the 
> news on, since I don't know about the windows user groups in town.
> We need a mascot.  Does anyone know where I can get a stuffed/blow up 
> camel?
> Jeremy

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