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Simon Fowler simon at himi.org
Sat Nov 9 16:41:59 EST 2002

On Sat, Nov 09, 2002 at 04:29:29PM +1100, Scudette wrote:
> I had quite good experience with getting the fans to run from the 5 volt rail 
> rathen than the 12v - you only need to make sure the fan actually starts well 
> - but it runs quite smoothly. Basically cut the wires from the fan and plug 
> them between the red and black wires on an ide power connector. The fan runs 
> much slower but should help keep things moving so if the machine is not doing 
> much (e.g. a firewall) it should be ok. Thats how my firewall operates and 
> its absolutely silent (quite hard to get used to a silent machine actually 
> cause you always think its off). 
> If thats not enough you might be able to get a bigger hit sink too for the 
> power supply.
> You can get rid of the CPU fan if you underclock the chip - for example get an 
> AMD chip (say 1.6Ghz) and unlock the multiplier and run it say at half speed 
> - should not need a fan even at full load. Again if your firewall is not 
> doing much it probably wont need a fan even at full speed.
Hell, an Athlon XP at 800MHz would make quite a nice desktop box -
the only things that need more than that kind of oomph are games,
and even then only the new ones. For normal use, anything made in
the last two years is plenty good enough . . .


PS: If you /really/ want an old slow box, though, I'll happily swap
my Athlon 550 for one of those shiny 1.6GHz XPs . . . . . ;-)

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