Experience with SCATsx/PEAKset-sx Industrial PC Chipset?

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Wed Nov 6 21:15:47 EST 2002

I'm trying to install Linux on an Industrial PC - this is basically a
386sx on a SBC board, in a really nice little case.

The catch is, the chipset doesn't want to recognise the 4x4MiB 30 pin
SIMMs I've installed, I can only get the system to recognise 3MiB of it.

If I disbelieve the BIOS, and tell Linux that there's really 16MiB
(mem=16M boot option), Linux actually boots (from the Debian install
floppies) and lies to me (claiming 16MiB of memory), then proceeds to
crash when I try to load the ramdisk.

My main concern is getting the machine to recognise the RAM that's
installed, then I want to figure out how to install Debian when I've got
the RAM.  I could always just use another machine to install Linux onto
the HDD, then boot off that drive - but I can't put the memory in
another machine and still have it be useful in this industrial PC.

any help, pointers or goadings appreciated

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