404 errors with apt-get / apt-proxy

Gough, Chris Chris.Gough at cit.act.edu.au
Fri Nov 8 20:40:44 EST 2002

> From: Alex Satrapa
>> I am running apt-proxy (apt-proxy.conf attached) and when i apt-get
>> XXX (sources.list attached), as often as not I am not sucess full due to
>> '404' http errors, e.g:
> My first guesses would be:
>  - Is your web server on port 9999 properly configured to serve the 
> Debian CD from that URL?
>  - Use a proxy, or use "localhost", but not both - otherwise the proxy 
> will be looking for the material on "localhost", which is not where the 
> material is located

my sources.list points to http://localhost:9999, and there my proxy server
listens. I set the proxy server up when a visitor to my house brought his
laptop full of debs I copied them to my machine, and for a while it work
fine. It was only later that I started getting these 404's...

The "+planetmirror.net" that Matthew pointed out was just an artifact of my
frobbing that I had carelessly forgotten to remove. I had a hypothesis that
perhaps one of the mirrors claimed to have more recent version than actualy
existed, and that was what couldn't be found. I wondered if restricting my
list of packages to that published on one server or another, the problem
would dissapear (it didn't). After removing the +, and running an apt-get
update; apt-get dist-upgrade i still came home to a screen full of 404

I just pointed a browser at http://localhost:9999/ and got a 404 (to my
surprise). Then I tried http://localhost:9999/debian/ and got an empty
document, so I know there is a server listening on :9999. I don't know what
URL's apt-get is hitting exactly, but I have a hunch there are other
requests I could send to localhost:9999 that might have diagnostic value...

Chris Gough

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