404 errors with apt-get / apt-proxy

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Sat Nov 9 13:05:26 EST 2002

Gough, Chris wrote:
> I don't know what
> URL's apt-get is hitting exactly, but I have a hunch there are other
> requests I could send to localhost:9999 that might have diagnostic value...

If I point my browser at "http://debian/debian/" it displays a page 
listing "dists" and "pool"

When I do an "apt-get update" on my intranet server (running Woody), my 
proxy shows me that the requests are for things like:


If you have auto-indexing turned on, you should be able to open those 
directories and get listings by pointing your web browser at:

And following down from there.  The "pool" directory contains all the 
".deb" package files, the other directories contain release information 
- ie: what packages make up "woody" or "sid".


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