Surviving in a DOC infested world

Tomasz Ciolek tmc at
Tue Nov 5 23:12:32 EST 2002

 This is a very odd story you tell me. I have been usinf OpenOffice on
 X86 and PPC with no craching/problems on a large selection of .doc
 files, up to and including those form office XP-SP2

I have openoffice 1.0.1 installed, as a net based install, not a full

 Tomasz Ciolek

On Tue, Nov 05, 2002 at 10:52:30PM +1100, Michael James wrote:
> How do you experienced Linux desktoppers deal with Word documents?
> I haven't had a particularly brilliant introduction.
> Word document arrives on my brand new linux desktop in with orders,
>  "Review this and sign off by 2".
> The word that generated it was recent, Office 2000 or XP.
> Fired up OpenOffice,
>  didn't think running off the net would work for a standalone workstation,
>  couldn't figure why I needed 200Meg of files dumped in my home dir either
>  but what the heck, loaded them up.
> Opened doc, OO declairs an irremedial error
>  and segfaults itself out of existence.
> Try again, same problem. Don't have another (gentler) doc.
> Found abiword, it fires up much more calmly and open the document.
> Prints it even, but munges the tables to contents-of-1-cell-per-line.
> So give abiword a point.
> Score 2 points for being able to see it and print it as it appears on Windows.
> Score 3 for being able to edit it and get it back readable to windows.
> Score -1 for crashing out of existence. (OpenOffice)
> Score -1 and a bent paperclip if it takes out your Mac with it.
> Which is what I'm used to with Office 98.
> I hate DOCs
> michaelj
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