Booting Suse7.3 from a Promise Ultra100 TX2 card; solved

Stephen Hodgman steve at
Tue May 21 09:59:45 EST 2002


> Reading Patrick Cole's post I think he is on the money.

Correct, as per my post.
> The trick to avoid delving into those BIOS numbers
>  would be to set it up to boot the SCSI disk
>  then actually boot off a rescue disk, CD or floppy.
> CDs don't get confused with hard disks.

Yes, I agree.  However I am using the ASUS P4T-E motherboard and it has the 
annoying characteristic where if you boot a kernel from the floppy, then the kernel will 
subsequently NOT find any floppy disks!  This is despite the fact that if you boot the 
same kernel from a hard disk (IDE) then it WILL find the floppy disk.  Very Annoying!

In my case, I cannot use the distribution kernel as it does not include the drivers for 
the scsi controller I am using (Adapec 1200S) so I had to do it via the "boot from 
IDE" method.

However, forcing the number to 0x80 worked so I am happy!
Thanks for your time.

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